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One speaks serptitiously,
One says not enough,
Warring on the battlefield
Of egos and shoulders,
Arms or armistice,
Art or artifice,
Bliss or trouble,
The message confused.

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These hands are
From handling the thorns
In your rosebush,
Too big for the
False yellow petals
Protuding from your
Thin stems,
Breakable by a breeze,
Stained red with my blood
From the promises you made,
That your thorns would never
Prick me again.

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if i didnt hate myself
so much
maybe i would stop
punishing myself
with the memory
of you

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Were we music?
There seemed to have been a song there,
Writ in B7,
“Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen”
“Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay”
Now that I’ve “Walk(ed) Away” I am “Down In The Valley,”
Though “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine”.

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Tilted Windmills

She says it’s magic,
Calls it wond’rous,
this tragic madness crashing thund’rous,
loud as a blunderbuss between these ears,
where windmills tilt
to subdue these fears.

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This was originally inspired by 31 Plays 31 Days Challenge Day 11 Prompt 1 but somewhere along the line, as with most of the things I seem to be writing, things took on a mind of its own. Yes, Drawback does retain some of the elements of the spring-off-point, but there is definitely something else going on between the dealer and the blackjack player, beyond misdirected sexual exploitation.


Art bleeding out the pores,
The pains and joys that it’s expressing, flowing from out the core,
The wholly stock and store of a soul shaking itself from slumber,
Seeking in it a lesson to offer umbrage instead of lumber.

A stage set in its components, wood and screws and paint to sway perceptions of what would otherwise be malaise and restraints,
Seeking to stake a claim in saints and statesmen, a sinner or a psychopath sincerely, to make a statement:

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