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May dispensed dystopia,
Mighty did dastardly,
Mean, disgusting dissonances,
Martialed disaffected discord,
Married deliverance discretely.

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Standing in line,
Scripts prescribed,
I’m the youngest by half.

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Khad Gadya

Inspired by the Passover song sung at the end of the Seder and a family friend who has recently delivered four male goats here in Connecticut.

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Gratitude: Part 12

Today I am grateful for:
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Usually I’ll let a story play out the way it wants. I think I’ll write ten pages but it becomes five; or I’ll try to write three pages and it becomes twelve. For the challenge today I sought to write exactly one page – no more, no less.

Inspired by an NPR report yesterday about adoption, I present to you Loss about a mother who has given up her child. It’s definitely difficult to be meaningful in a solitary – let me know what you think in the comments!