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03/30 – Details

***Adult Content – viewer discretion advised ***


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Feather & Chain

Everyone has their obsession,
Watching the cat chase the
Feather and chain
Despite being tired
Clearly slowing,
Wishing the child toting it
Would slow
Or pause in their gait,
Abate their laps and allow them to just linger,
Bask in the joy of
Chaos theory exerted
On the end of a silvery heaven
Dangling in perpetuity.

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Sticking out,
Tag like,
Too unpracticed
At small talk,
Too timid for a noisy bar
Full of people
Who know each other already,
No way into the conversation
Save for an oddity
That was gifted
And hangs
Like old memories,
The way the El Cortez still smells
Of 60 year old cigars
And the musk
That marks it

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if i didnt hate myself
so much
maybe i would stop
punishing myself
with the memory
of you

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Moon Too?

I am staring at the moon,
it is full and orange, round,
its face seems inquisitive, wondering,
it makes me wonder what you’re doing.
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108 – NaPoWriMo #19

Dear Reader,

That’s not an error – I did write #18 already but have set it to private as it contains information that I am not at liberty to share. As recompense, this one’s not password protected.Thanks for your devoted readership, and I hope you enjoy this post.


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Auditions Are…Rolling Genome…Middleground

So – I have been keeping up with the Challenge but have been super-busy and under-the-weather. Took a health day today and stayed in bed (and on my computer) working. That “time-off” was well spent in that I now have Days 28, 29, and 30 edited and formatted, just waiting for your perusal! Like in all the other posts, read the play by clicking the title. Hope you enjoy!

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