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Forty – you counted them and kept them;
seven times did you cease work and worshiped toward the mountain, Salvation, from bondage.

You adored Him out of fear and admiration, you were bound by the canopy that covered you – and you strayed.

His servant finds his work becoming harder, toiling,
I am becoming heavy:
I had floated so as he descended,
but each layer that brought us closer to the scene sent my letters soaring upward,
the lightness of my form taking the stone-cold stare of each statute broken:

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six:
In one fell swoop you broke all of these, O Israel!
How you have fallen – you’ve taken gold not your own and cast it in an idol,
you wanted a messenger in the medium of the land you were taken out of;
Aaron – you lay the blame on others and sullied all their names, still took the mantle and made scapegoats ever after – was it fear, Aaron?
After the first poor soul that confronted them?
Did you create diversions to save your skin or theirs?

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I Will Betroth You

Veh-ay-rahs-teekh li l’olam,
“I will betroth you to me forever,”
veh-ay-rahs-teekh li b’tzedek, oo’b’mishpat, oo’b’khesed, oo’b’rakhameem
“I will betroth you with righteousness, justice,
and in kindness and in compassion,”
veh-ay-rahs-teekh li b’emunah,
“I will betroth you with fidelity.”[0]

I will bind you to my arm and my head,
turned inward, with my heart and my mind,
you are leather straps wrapped seven times around my forearm,
ancient promises writ scripture on my forehead,
prayers made meaningful and relevant as they slide from my tongue,
you are the salvation promised on Har Seenai [1].

Zoog [2], I gave you my heart before I made the promise in that parking lot
when you asked me where we were headed and I told you my intentions on our first date,
it came down with Mosheh [3] descending from that holy mountain,
stone-clad, supernatural,
reading backward and forward, an eternal covenant,
nah-ah-seh v’nishma! my love, “I will do and I will obey.”

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