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03/30 – Details

***Adult Content – viewer discretion advised ***


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Full Stop Cacophony

***Mature Content***

“Just breathe,”
Whispered in her ear
Before her nostrils flare,
filling with air
Though sighed out quicker yet
For the feeling of their

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Protected: Work – NaPoWriMo #25

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Made her wet before the pet so softly digit parts her slippery silken sweetness, slipping in so swiftly as to almost be deceiving. But she surely feels it.

She sighs, her nipples erect, breathing in deeply,
Determined to feel every inch of the finger curling up into her g-spot as his tongue and lips twirl around her pertness, and moving north, find purchase on her right earlobe.

Gyrating in countermeasure to his circuitous oscillations,
Succinct pleasure running through her frame and station,
Caught in the world of elation as his mouth stops drawing her in physically and turns instead to poetry.

Writ in the way she arcs her back,
The joy on her face,
The sparkle in her eyes as they meet his and they speak more loudly than words ever could,
Saying sweet things, stating obviousnesses as sensual discoveries:

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Things Heard in a Theater

Rumors, delighting in humor,
Tragedy looming on the verges of speech.

Feet upon the stage, frantically making sounds of fury,
Signifying nothing when the lights come down for good.

Sighs, before the sun came up, painting paused,
For sucking and straddling and quiet cumming secretly backstage.

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