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Gratitude: Part 20

Today I am grateful for:
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Today’s post, Devour, features a prompt from August 22nd: No dialogue.  Feeling under the weather still: have not slept much the past few days and my body’s rebelling against me, so I needed and easy task, despite starting on a different play for today and beginning tackling 31of31, which is going to be a bit of a process and could probably use a month (at least) to get right. Keep tuned here to find out what it is!


Here’s another pre-Challenge prompt I set for myself: a rehearsal goes awry. Build has way more characters than I initially thought it needed, and didn’t quit follow the initial outline, but I think it’s funny nonetheless. It’s called such because the problems keep building on each other. It flowed out pretty quickly – hope you dig.


This short play was written utilizing the 31 Plays in 31 Days August 1st prompt. combining the two prompts in a fashion. One took PostSecret as inspiration, the other utilized a waiting room or line and the hidden relationships between the people there.

Awkward  is about a couple that are in an abortion doctor’s office looking to terminate their child. The only problem is, they come to learn, their doctor is the daughter they’re trying to abort. Perhaps I watched too much Twilight Zone when I was a kid.