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My Girlfriend is Like Star Trek

My girlfriend is like Star Trek,
She has a sense of adventure, stalwart as Captain Kirk,
She is full of aplomb and is diplomatic but is not afraid to punch idiocy and misinformation with her fists first and ask questions later,
She is smarmy and smooth and could sleep with the space girls you were scanning before you could even determine they were life-forms.

She has the obstinant logic of a Vulcan,
Married to an all-too Terran heart,
Her pulse is passionate, her brow cool,
She is Mr. Spock to a tee,
Warring internally between what she sees and feels,
Still holds firm her ideals,
And if that weren’t enough to steel my reserve to her,
She’s a doctor too, my heart’s own science officer.

She is patient as Picard,
no matter how hard my confessions may be to swallow,
But swallow she does, compassionate and empathic as Counselor Troi, my brilliant Betazed, beloved imzati,
She’s got me, photons to phasers,
Whatever the challenge she faces against her I wouldn’t wager,
And there’s danger afoot to make this comparison,
But she sounds like a Klingon in the heat of our passion,
Snarling and baring teeth that bite me brazenly,
Even Worf would have a run for his money,
Perhaps today is a good day to die, petitely,
She sees to the depths of me, like Geordi’s visor, she sees me on every spectrum,
With all the curiosity of Data and the
Mechanical longevity an android might enjoy.

And she is fluid, like Odo,
My polyamorous polymer that bears so many shapes and forms,
Like Dax, gender knows no bounds in her,
As sultry as Kira and quirkier than Quark,
but with better business acumen and more morality,
She never rounds on me, Sisko all possessed,
She’s the stable wormhole with undiscovered country to her yet.

She is mystic as Chakotay, and honors her heritage,
Confident as Paris and dresses as colorful as Neelix;
She is shining, shimmering lens flare from the newer lot,
She cares about the planet, like that one with the whale plot.

I guess I’m trying to say that I dig her a lot,
Liken the family tie of sci-fi to the time we align,
Shine brightly like the stars that zip by in our flight to seek out this new life with each other,
To establish in ourselves new civilization,
And boldy go where neither of us have gone before.

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