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Today’s post, Devour, features a prompt from August 22nd: No dialogue.  Feeling under the weather still: have not slept much the past few days and my body’s rebelling against me, so I needed and easy task, despite starting on a different play for today and beginning tackling 31of31, which is going to be a bit of a process and could probably use a month (at least) to get right. Keep tuned here to find out what it is!


31Plays31Days – Days 15, 16, and 17

Don’t fret, mon friers, I have been keeping up with the playwriting challenge: it’s just that these past two days, and this coming one, I have been and will be working on three scenes of a longer work. One of the early posts on the 31p/31d blog suggested that the challenge month could be utilized by writing longer plays, taking each scene and making them a mini-play.

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