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Meditations: Ace of Wands

My card for 15 December 2015:

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Meditations: Three of Swords

My card for 13 December, 2015
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Meditation: The Devil

My card of the day, 08 December, 2015

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Meditation: Tarot

First Written Meditation: 07 December, 2015.

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Auditions Are…Rolling Genome…Middleground

So – I have been keeping up with the Challenge but have been super-busy and under-the-weather. Took a health day today and stayed in bed (and on my computer) working. That “time-off” was well spent in that I now have Days 28, 29, and 30 edited and formatted, just waiting for your perusal! Like in all the other posts, read the play by clicking the title. Hope you enjoy!

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Before the 31 Plays in 31 Days Challenge began, I created a list of prompts for myself. One of them was to pit mysticism against technology in a ten-page throw-down. I started writing this one with that intention until I consulted a deck of tarot cards for the characters’ spread. It painted a picture all too familiar these past few weeks, of a man who had potentially a lot going for him but who had decided instead on a blaze of horrific glory.

Read questions our responsibility to stop evil when it presents itself: a tarot reader is expecting a client who turns out to already know what his future has in store. This play presses against our morality and our commitment to what we think is right to do given terrible circumstances. This is a warning РRead is an adult piece of work Рread at your own discretion.

Conjuring – NaPoWriMo #21

Had another poem in me today – I think this is the real one that wanted out, so I’m posting ahead of schedule. Have a day off tomorrow, so I may check out the UNLV Poetry Event – have a show at night, so between the two I may not get a poem in otherwise. This poem is just what’s been on my mind of late: hope you enjoy.

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